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How to use the Life of Jesus Resource Kit:


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Studying the GOSPEL STORIES can be made fun and educational.

The Life of Jesus Resource Kit can be used by teachers, catechists and parents. It is to be used in conjunction with the Good News Bible.

The A4 activity sheets provide further clarification of the individual events in Jesus’s life by cross referencing Bible passages. Other features of the activity sheets include; an introductory message, literacy-based activity, artwork for colouring and a final prayer and reflection for life.

As there are many more gospel stories of Jesus that are not included in the activity booklet, additional clipart and full colour artwork has also been provided for the teachers, catechists or parents to create ongoing resources for their students.

The Life of Jesus Resource Kit includes;
31 Gospel story activity sheets (Blackline Masters).
54 B/W gospel story clipart images.
45 full colour gospel story clipart images for digital presentations.
24 Miscellaneous clipart for School Newsletters and Parish Bulletins.
14 Old Testament B/W clipart images.

Spreading the Good News of Jesus …