A JOURNEY THROUGH THE MASS – A Lenten Retreat led by Fr Anthony Lemon

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Buried with the Mass is a treasure of beautiful prayers and reflections, behind each lies a depth of faith and holy mystery.
Many parts of the Mass relate directly to Scripture and the Church’s tradition.

I’d like to offer four talks throughout Lent gently explaining the Mass from a priest’s perspective and highlighting some of the beautiful prayers that we say each weekend.
Each talk will stand alone you can come to all four or just one.
I’ll allow time for questions but the main part of the talk will be my reflections and explanations.
There are many prayers that I pray quietly I’ll share those with you and explain them.
We’ll have a look a the Eucharistic Prayers and Prefaces. We will spend some time of the two Creeds.  I’ll explain some of the more common responses and why we use them.

The talks will begin directly after the Wednesday 5.30 PM Mass. They will last for 30 minutes and an optional time for Q and A.

Week 1                        General Overview and Observations of the Mass

Week 2                        Eucharistic Prayers 1 -4

Week 3                        Other Eucharistic Prayers

Week 4                        The Creeds, Gloria and Other Mass Responses

If you have a daily or Sunday Missal bring it along and follow along with me.